Open Mic Showcase Series Description

Live, Original Performances

Open Mic Showcase (OMS) is a Public Television series of 13 segments of 30 minutes each, plus one 90 minute Pledge Special. Each week we will highlight new songwriters and other original talent from around the US while building audience excitement through weekly exposure on a national TV series. The multi camera productions will be shot with a live audience on location in various Music Venues across the United States.

Viewers will be able to find out more information about the series or about individual performers on the OMS web site which will be featured at the end of the show. Viewers may also order CDs and DVDs from the OMS web site. Special pledge edition premiums will be made available to Public Television affiliate stations to use during pledge drives.

Coordinated web marketing

Serving local music communities

Performers can find out about how to be chosen as show participants on the web site. Open Mic venues around the country can list their information in a special section that informs people about music events in their area.

Sponsors can reach this audience by contributing financially and in-kind. Major Sponsors will receive an underwriting spot on each episode of the nationally televised series. Additional opportunities exist for web sponsorship and for sponsorship of the live taped events. Go to the Sponsorship page to learn more.

Targeting Key Audiences